(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 4 June 2023 News Archive

The Company is founded in 1993, as the service enterprise, carrying out navigational and emergency repair of sea transport and specialized vessels between voyages. The enterprise has been created by the young, vigorous, diplomacies specialists known for that time in circles of private ship-repair business and among heads of the state ship-repair enterprises.

The Company bases on knowledge and practical experience of sea engineers having diplomas of leading Supreme Sea educational institutions. The majority has graduated from the Odessa Institute of Engineers of the Marine Fleet (nowadays – Odessa National Sea University) and Leningrad (nowadays St.-Petersburg) Shipbuilding Institute.

The administrative and industrial structure of the Company has saved up appreciable experience on shipyards and shipbuilding factories of Russia and Azerbaijan. During several years the Company carried out the activity under the name of Firm “SAGA”. For these years of the periods the Company has got significant experience of manufacture and management.

At the end of 1997, in connection with transition to new, higher level of the organization of manufacture and also in connection with redistribution of resources inside the enterprise, by group of its founders the decision on re-registration of the enterprise and its renaming was accepted.

From the beginning of 1998, the enterprise carries the name of “SAGA Shiprepair” Co. and continuing successful development. The Company has made repair of big  number of the sea transport and specialized vessels and floating constructions.

As the main Executor and also as a subcontractor in cooperation with other shipbuilding organizations that the Company took part in various projects. Effectively using and expanding own base resources, the Company simultaneously mastered new different directions of marine industrial technologies than the shipbuilding and ship repair. Today, the Company carries out projects of various complexes inherently, engineering-technological and activity services and the actions covering the list of works, accompanying by the marine engineering projects which are carried out in the offshore  and onshore as well.

The methods of cooperation used by the Company are very effective and convenient for its partners. The Company basically operates with own industrial means and if necessary, the Company places the manufacture on production spaces of the state shipyards and ship-repair factories. The purpose of the Company is a construction and arrangement of the new own shiprepair and shipbuilding enterprise, capable to contain in itself manufacture of specific parts of the marine equipments.

Since 2002, “SAGA Shiprepair” Co. in cooperation with the Kazakhstan partner – LLC “SakEl” has founded Limited liability Joint Venture Company – “SAGA Atash” in Aktau (Republic Kazakhstan). During of the short period, LLC “SAGA Atash” has created own repair base, including ship docking and berthing constructions, floating load-lifting barges, tugs, etc. Today, LLC “SAGA Atash” takes a leading position in ship-repair business in the Kazakhstan offshore of Caspian Sea and successfully develops.

Since 2018, it has been operating under the name of “SAGA SHIPREPAIR” LLC, established on the basis of “SAGA Shiprepair” Co.