(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 4 June 2023 News Archive
  • To provide constant employment of own personnel and to raise their material well-being steadily.
  • Develop resources and achieve the creation of a universal repair site with advanced technical capabilities for all types of vessels.
  • To develop the geography of our company and continue to provide specialized and technical support to “SAGA Atash” LLC in Kazakhstan, which is part of our production facilities.
  • Constantly to raise the level of used technologies and the quality control system of manufacture, to achieve international standards of quality level of created production.
  • To improve the control over performance of the modern norms  connected with preventable accidents of safety works and health protection.
  • Continuously improve our customer policy and commitment based on the following:
     Performance of the order strictly under the schedule and at the cost, caused by the Contract;
     Constant and open communication with the Customer to ensure compliance with all contract requirements and mutual satisfaction in the production process;
     Use the best modern technical methods for quality work;
     By application of the technologies, guaranteeing safeties of an environment;
     Regularly to carry out the actions directed to rising of a professional level of technical officers and workers qualification.