(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 1 April 2023 News Archive

All technological processes carried out by the Company, are confirmed by certificates; the most important of them are Recognition Certificate and other Certificates issued by leading classification societies. Process of certification of technological processes in the Company occurs continuously. The Company constantly makes revision and perfection of technological and organizational procedures, develop the new documents and report forms in view of conditions in which activity of the enterprise is carried out.
Certificates of “SAGA Shiprepair” LLC:
The conformity certificate ISO 9001:2015 of Quality Control Management System issued by DNV-GL.
Certificate of Conformity issued by the State Maritime Agency under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    • Cleaning the underwater part of the hull, gratings (frames), kingston boxes, propellers (feathers), steering complex and welding nozzles from corrosion and mud using underwater equipment without lifting to the dock;

    • Dismantle, clean, replace, rebuild and install underwater hull covers, kingpost boxes, propeller, rudder and driveshaft assemblies with new, waterproof compression tires without lifting the floating or dry dock;

    • Inspection, measurement and certification of system coatings, bottom grilles, boxes, propellers, rudders, driveshafts and underwater hull navigation equipment without docking;

    • Ultrasonic thickness measurements without damage to the hull assembly, all Classification Society (CS) class certifications including, A.744 (18) of the International Maritime Organization Committee on Marine Environmental Protection in accordance with the amended Ordinance Preparation of report documents for certification of cargo ships and oil tankers under an extensive program. Measurement of the thickness of ship structures is carried out under the control of the OC inspector;

    • Defect detection and repair of the hull, except for fiberglass vessels and devices;

    • Repair of main and auxiliary mechanisms, devices, boilers, heating devices, lifting mechanisms and devices, refrigeration equipment;

    • Defect detection, repair and adjustment of ship electrical equipment with voltage of 660 V, except for batteries, explosion-proof electrical equipment;

    • Defect detection, repair and restoration of automated ship systems (except for stationary smoke and fire alarm systems);

    Areas of activity approved by Classification Societies:
    – Repair of ship and other kind of floating constructions hull designs
    – Repair of mechanical installations of sea self-propelled and non-propelled vessels
    – Repair of the ship electric equipments
    – Repair of ship electric machines
    – Thickness gauging by ultrasonic method
    Certificates of inspection of measuring instruments.