(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 1 April 2023 News Archive

Over the years of its existence, our company has won tenders announced by many foreign and domestic oil companies, implemented various projects, performed difficult work with high engineering professionalism. As far back as in 1997-1998 under BP’s “Shah Deniz” exploration project all underwater technical works related to the modernization of the Istiglal SSDR were carried out, and in 1999-2000, the construction of special pontoons commissioned by the “Caspian Shipyard Company” and implementation projects requiring a high level of engineering expertise, such as the launch of the “Gurtulush” floating drilling rig, indicates that the company is one of the private companies with high technical potential and experience. In addition, the company has modernized and repaired various types of water transport – ships, barges.

Over the past decade, our company has implemented the following projects:

In 2010-2011, the company carried out repair work at “IEVOLECO SECONDO”, “UNIONE”, “Caspian Dinara” and “Caspian Roushan” by order of “CASPİAN SERVICE GROUP” LLC.
During this period, repair work was carried out on the barges “SOCAR ASM-1”, “AMUR 2528” by order of the Baku Steel Company, as well as on the ships “HAM 217” and “TOUCAN” by order of “Van Oord ship management”.
In addition, in 2012-2013 overhaul of the “Albatross-1” ship was carried out by order of “Worldwide Energy”, modernization of the “WB 109” barge by order of “Caspian Marine Service” LLC, the company performed repair work on the “HAM 1407” ships by order of “Van Oord ship management”, “LEVEL UP” by order of “Alfa Caspian” LLC, “Khazar-2” by order of “PQS-Khazar”;
In 2015, design of dredging works in the area of quay bridges in the South Bay by order of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC;
In 2016, modernization of the barge “Wagenborg 107”, owned by “Wagenborg Kazakhstan”;
In 2018, overhaul of the vessel “Wenna” by order of “Caspian Marine Service” LLC, barge “Debussy”, owned by “Wagenborg Kazakhstan”;
In 2019, repairs were carried out on the ships “Omskiy 108”, “Omskiy 114” owned by OOO “DAMAR Shipping”, “Omskiy 106”, “Omskiy 111”, “Omskiy 118” owned by OOO “RUSSHIP”.