(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 29 November 2020 News Archive

The Company “SAGA Shiprepair” Co. became the winner of the majority of tenders announced by foreign oil industry companies and from the point of view of high engineering professionalism had performed the most complex works .

For instance,

In 1997-1998 under project of BP “Shach Deniz-Exploration” all underwater-technical works on modernization of SSDR “Istiglal” were executed by “SAGA Shiprepair” Co. The Company has showed to the foreign businessmen, that there were private companies in Azerbaijan possessing high technical potential and experience, who were able to manage on repair and modernizations of sea constructions, .

In 1999-2000 under the order of “Caspian Shipyard Company” Ltd, “SAGA Shiprepair” Co. fabricated special pontoons construction and assembled it at the place to launch “Qurtulush” floating drilling rig on water.

This was the project demanding high level of engineering preparation. Drilling rig weighted 8500 tone was launched on the pontoons constructed and established at the place by forces of “ SAGA Shiprepair ” Co.

Technical supervision of construction was carried out by inspectors of ABS and at the end of the project the Customer handed a letter of recommendation to “SAGA Shiprepair” Co. Besides, under the order of the named company, in 2000, we performed modernization and major overhaul of “H-102” barge.

In 2001, ordered by “Caspian Geophysical” LLC, under pressing of short time, “SAGA Shiprepair” Co. fabricated special pontoons to assemble it on the underwater part of m/v “Baku”, for her transportation from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, through the Volga-Don channel.

In 2002-2004, ordered by “Sedco Forex International Inc.”, onboard drilling rig “Qurtulush” have been carried out underwater inspections and other repair works.

In 2006, Company performed repair works on the hull of RIG  Â«PARKER RIG 257» ordered by Parker Drilling Int.

Also, in 2006, Company perform cleaning of the hull and underwater survey of Drilling Rig “LIDER” ordered by MAERSK CONTRACTORS and repairs – onboard «AZERBAIJAN» Barge, ordered by SAIPEM.

In 2007 – repair of the hull of «PARKER RIG 257»; in 2008 – docking major repairs of m/v «UNIONE».

            In 2008, the company has performed repair works of «CASPÄ°AN DÄ°NARA», «CASPÄ°AN MARÄ°YA» and «CASPÄ°AN GALÄ°YA» ordered by CASPÄ°AN SERVÄ°SE GROUP LLP.

Also, in 2008 the company has performed repair works of barges «CORUH» and «DDS LÄ°NE-1″ by order of ENKA Ä°NSHAATVE SANAYÄ° AS and modification of the barge «WB-106″ ordered by WAGENBORG KAZAKHSTAN BV.

In 2009, ordered by Acta Marine Waterweg were carried out repair works on vessels «Sara Maatje ELF» and «Sara Maatje IX».

In 2010-2011 the company has performed repair works on vessels «IEVOLECO SECONDO», «UNIONE», «Caspian Dinara» and «Caspian Raushan» ordered by CASPİAN SERVİSE GROUP LLP.

During this period was carried out repairs of barges «B-52 PARKER DRILLING» ordered by «SOCAR-ASM» MMC; inspection of hull «PARKER RIG-257″ by order PARKER DRILLING COMPANY INTERNATIONAL, LTD; repair works on vessels «HAM-217» and «TOUCAN» which was ordered by company VAN OORD SHIP MANAGEMENT.