(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 29 November 2020 News Archive

Main tools of the Company

  • Towing vessels;
  • Dumb barge for the transport of deck cargo with capacity of 4500 tons
  • Floating dock with lifting capacity 400t
  • Floating self-energized ship-repair workshop including:
  • Metal-processing workshop with plate bending machine and the stationary welding equipments,
  • Mechanical workshop,
  • Electric machines and equipment workshop,
  • Pipe workshop with equipments,
  • Clinic room,
  • Mobile diving equipments including a pressure chamber and the underwater television equipment;
  • Dry sand blast hull cleaning units for quality cleaning up to SA-2,5 standard level;
  • High pressure water cleaning installations forĀ  SA-2.0 standardĀ  level;
  • Ship internal oiled or harmful substances containing tanks cleaning units, etc.;
  • Pressurized air and vacuum dispersion equipments for painting and coating works on level up to manufacturers requirements as Hempel, Jotun, International, etc.
  • Means of auxiliary operations and the portable specialized tools, as hydro-jacks, submersible pumps, pipe-benders, chain-blocks and telphers, electrical and gas-welding equipments, qualitative and fast metal cutting equipments;
  • Measuring devices and gas-analyzers;
  • Truck vehicles and auto-loaders;
  • Mobile crane.