(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 29 November 2020 News Archive

Administrative management


Nariman Gadirov – Engineer-ship builder. High educated. Graduated from Shipbuilding faculty of the Odessa Sea fleet Engineering Institute. Specialty – shiprepair and shipbuilding.

Production Manager

Ashur Rahimov – Marine power facilities and their exploitation. High educated. Graduated from Azerbaijan State Marine Academy. Specialty – marine technics and shipping.

Quality Manager

Valery Shaydulin – mechanical engineer. High educated. Graduated from the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers. Specialty – marine machinery. Prepares drawings of separate details of ships and other floating facilities; works out designs of the floating objects; executes Quality Control procedures (Ä°SO 9001-2000).

Chief Technologist

Elchin Aghayev – engineer-ship builder. High educated. Graduated from Sevastopol Apparatus-construction Institute. Specialty – shipbuilding and ship repair.

Operational Manager

Rauf Gasymov – engineer-hydrotechnician. High educated. Graduated from Azerbaijan Polytechnical Institute. Speciality – designing and building of marine constructions.

Operational Manager

Khalil Gurbanov – Engineer-electro mechanic. High educated. Graduated from Energy faculty of Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute. Specialty – electric networks and systems.

Service engineer

Azad Aliyev – production engineer. High educated. Graduated from Azerbaijan State Marine Academy. Specialty – marine engineering and shipping shipbuilding and ship’s repair. Service Engineer is responsible for the maintenance in proper working order of machinery and equipment, testing, lifting tools and calibration of measuring instruments of the Company and subcontractors / customer (if necessary).

Purchasing Manager

Vafadar Aghayev – engineer-mechanic. Secondary-technical educated. Graduated from Sumgait Oil and Chemistry Technical College.

Office-Manager & Director’s Administrative Assistant

Sabina Bayramova – executes translation of correspondence and technical documentation. High educated. Graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic University. Specialty – economist.