(latin. -architectura, from greco architector- the builder) it is a science which studies types of ships, their structure, designing and construction


Today 1 April 2023 News Archive

Our approach way to the works;

The company constantly carries out works on the analysis of conditions in which the activity should be carried out. The main direction in such analysis is occupied with an estimation of own technical resources and potential for satisfaction of all requirements of the clients.

Thus mutual relations are reconsidered and developed not only with already existing partners, but also with the organizations and the companies which potentially could be clients of the Company. Now, the above mentioned process is continuous and also it will mobilize intellectual resources of the Company and is a stimulus for continuous perfection of the productions.

Process means constant studying of new technologies and methods of the organization of the job and the quality assurance in view of requirements, dictated by the conditions of the market and also the modern standards and the specifications directed on safety of work, indicating the philosophy of mutual cooperation with our clients in the field of quality. The company always get the positive responses from the clients, being the keystone to success in production.

The policy carried out by the Company is transparent and flexible in coordination with the client and by this policy we obtain the big positive effect on improvement of quality of the manufacture and in enterprise, as a whole.

All actions of the Company, in the attitude of manufactured productions and the offered services, directed to the client are openwise. The client on the behalf of its authorized representatives has an opportunity of direct supervision over a course of the organization of the work and actions, leading to required process quality. Through technological and other documents accompanying technical process, client’s representatives carry out monitoring and participate during distribution of duties and the responsibilities. The Company considers that the first priority is the attraction of the client into manufacturing process.

Close interaction between the client and Company’s technicians enables both parties to react precisely to conditions of the product manufacturing process at its very early stages, and to find out discrepancies or poor-quality production if such occurs, and by joint efforts to remove the revealed discrepancies. As a result – the Client constantly has the current information on process of the production and completely supervises those or other aspects of the current contract.